Church Financials

Church Financials

Our Saviour had another very solid year financially...

  1. Total Income for the year was $1.17 million vs. plan of $1.14 million - 2.16% better than plan. More importantly, total Contribution Income was 3.84% better than plan. The Pledged Income component of total Contributions was $30,000 or 4.32% worse than plan.

  2. Total Expenses were $1.16 million, less than 1 % over plan. Most of our overspending was in Ministry, the best place to spend more than plan.

  3. We had $889,000 in the bank at the end of the year. Deducting Restricted and Designated Funds - an extremely conservative approach - we had 3.2 months of expense reserves.

  4. Our budgeted surplus was $1,289 and we came in at $15,649 - Great financial management by Clergy and Staff!

  5. We spent $357,000 on Ministry and $46,000 on Outreach.

  6. We donated $20,000 to the Church of Our Saviour Foundation to help preserve the future.

  7. While not able to budget salary increases in 2023, we were able to reward Clergy and Staff with conservative bonuses at the end of the year for a job well done!

Thank you to everyone who has given to our church!

Our income is divided into two broad categories – Contribution Income and Additional Operational IncomeContribution Income is giving from our Parishioners for purposes of operating the Church.

Budgeted Income:


Budgeted Pledges:


Actual Income:


Actual Pledges:



+$24,789 (2.16%)


+$34,031 (3.84%)

If you would like to view the 2022 Annual Report please click HERE to download the pdf. If you would like a more detailed view of the 2023 Budget click HERE to download the pdf.


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